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Events coverage

Media coverage for events and sport races.

We know how important is for an event to have a good media coverage. Good Audiovisual material for your event brings a lot of bennefits;

1.- The event gets more exposure, getting for the next edition a bigger public concurrence plus participants, so the event get`s bigger.

2.- A good coverage, gets happy and satisfied sponsors, so they will support the event again. Also good media, can be used for attract new sponsors.

3.- The footage can be used for sharing the event with media channels and social networks, who are the main diffusion channels with long distance range.

Today, if you`re organizing an event and you don`t have any coverage or event record, is like you didn`t even make it. That`s why for sports events, cultural or social events, to last on time, it is mandatory to have good media coverage to spread the love.

On Buena Linea, we`re expert camera guys, who knows how to improvize looking for the best shots, who appears once on time, unique images who are the prime materia of our videos.


Buena Linea has helped us shooting our race since the beggining, doing a fast and effective work, being totally successful with all the expectations of the people involved in our event"

- Ben May, Palguín Boatercross, Kayak Chile


Official edit few days after the race, fast edit preview the awards night, High-res Photography, difussion, everything the organization needs to forget about this area, and focus on the good development of the event.

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