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    Buena Linea | Patagonia Film Production | Scouting & Location managing | Events coverage | Sports media.

Film production

Proffessional resolutions and expert camera guys for the best shots possibles for your project.

We are used to work under hard conditions for any electronic device. We did it many years for hobby, so we are ready to do it for work.

We are extreme sports guys who can connect with the feelings of any extreme stunt and deploy safety with ropes or people on the water.

Like we`re involved on the Outdoor world, we know the right people of every Outdoor sport, so it a project demands someone Outside of the environment we are used to move, we can get him.

We know our land very well. We know where are the best waterfalls to run, the most beautiful scenic views, millenary forest, or endless flowers fields. Patagonia offers, differten scenarios, and we know were to go and with who to talk with.

Aerial Footage on a Patagonian Landscape plus your product. Awesome combo.

We can go deep in the mountains, to virgins lands, were most of the competences won`t be able to go. Efficient work on the wilderness is wath we do.

We consider ourselfs very creative guys. Give us a clue of how would you like to show your product, and we will create and impressive film for you, who will go over expectations.

The directory is really happy with the product we got from Buena Linea, and the video has open new opportunittys for us.

-Michal Buchtell, Hiko Sport, Czech Republic