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Scouting & Location Managing

Everything you need if you want to shoot on Patagonia.

Our operating center is located mainly in the southern mountain region of Chile, basically in Pucón, which is known to be the center of the south of Chile. This area specially provides a most varied and wide range of unique landscapes and settings related to the sports we are engaged with. In Buena Linea, we are all outdoor sportsmen, mainly extreme kayakers, constantly exploring and seeking places which offer us new challenges and opportunities to expand and develop our sports. We offer the privilege of a wide biodiversity of unique natural scenic beauty and in close contact with villagers of the rural locations. For those teams of sport professionals, who need to find the special place they need and are looking for, we can arrange this production in a quick and efficient way, in order to provide for all of their requirements and needs. If their production needs a security display or assitance either in the border of the river or in any other wilder, harder or difficult place, or needs to mount a tyrolese, we are the work team you need to sort out and solve those troubles that may eventually appear in the course of any event. We have years of experience in colaborating with national and international productions, which grants us the reliability you need.

If you`re holding a camera, this are the guys you want to hang out with"

- John Webster Webster Media House

Farms, Mountains, Rivers, Forest, Snow, Millenary trees, Roads, Beaches, we know the rights spots for the location you need and we can arrange everything you need around us.

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